The photographers, urban explorers, curious or concerned members of the public who have kindly allowed their images to be used on this website are warmly thanked by The Friends Of The Old Town Hall.

They have investigated a place that many people walk past every day and don’t give a second thought to what might be happening on the inside of the building or why it has lain empty for SO long.

The explorers who have gained entry to The Old Town Hall is not something that we, The Friends Of Sheffield Old Town Hall, condone or recommend others attempt in any way however. It is illegal to enter the building without the owner’s permission and if you do you run the risk of the police detaining you.

We do however appreciate being allowed to use their images to inform the public about the sorry state of the inside of this landmark and piece of Sheffield’s history.

We feel that the choice between using these images or allowing the building to crumble is a no-brainer. We think that many people in Sheffield (and beyond) will be shocked and saddened at the way this majestic building has been allowed to wither.