FOTH’s strategy is to seek to protect and promote the former Town Hall and Courthouse, Waingate, Sheffield and support its restoration and re-use for the benefit of the City of Sheffield, its people and the wider community; and to support the sensitive regeneration of the historic assets which surround it.

We will work with Sheffield City Council and with other organisations sharing our aims and objectives to:

  • Promote and investigate potential new uses for the OTH
  • Encourage appropriate restoration, maintenance and use of the OTH
  • Research sources of funding that would support suitable restoration and re-use of the building and the heritage buildings around it
  • Research potential organisational options for managing the restoration and re-use of the building
  • Publicise the OTH to spread awareness of its condition and attract support for its restoration and re-use.

In 2015, we aim to:

  • Become recognised as the lead organisation in promoting regeneration and re-use of OTH and surrounding area
  • Commission an initial appraisal of potential re-uses for the building, and publish it
  • Carry out an initial appraisal of regeneration potential of surrounding area undertaken
  • Set up a programme of projects to illuminate the history, architectural value, and potential community value of the OTH and surrounding area.